Monday, February 13, 2006

More about Crystal

I love fun lists and getting to know more about people, so here's a little bit more about me...

10 years ago I
lived in Oregon
lived in the nicest house we ever owned
got lice 2 times that year ( it was an epidemic at the school I was going to)
learned what it felt like to lose several animals at once ( they all had to be put to sleep...I cried for I don't know how long)
became a woman (ha)

5 years ago I
was now living in Ohio
was learning how to drive a car (and drive my dad insane LOL)
was being homeschooled
had the first of 4 surgeries on my wrist
finally overcame my eating disorder completely

1 year ago I
was attending WorldView
was making cool new friends
was planning a wedding
got my first car
was learning about pharmacy

yesterday I
came to church
studied our medical terminology book with Caleb
went to my parents house with Caleb and had dinner
came home and went to bed early since I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before

5 songs I know all the words to
titanic (don't laugh)
I will always love you
Shout to the Lord
larger than life by backstreet boys (stop laughing)
You are my all in all

5 favorite books
The Bible
Thursdays at 8
Babylon rising
Babylon rising 2
Tasteful romance novels

5 things I'd buy with a million dollars
donate to certain charities
house on lots of property
2 cars
help Caleb on his way to owning his own airsoft business
invest the rest of it

5 places I'd run away to
The outback
Cedar Point ( let's go Katie!!)
Alaska ( I know it's cold but I've heard so much about it and how I should go there one day)

5 things I'd never wear
spice girl shoes
things that are too small for me
gosh I don't know a lip ring
puke green
as long as it's comfy I'll wear it...oh I know dry clean only clothes I hate it when I can't just throw them in the wash

5 toys
vibrator J/K!!! umm, printer
dvd system
stereo system

5 hobbies
library hopping
listening to music
working out
I'd volunteer at animal shelters if I didn't think I'd come home balling everyday

5 greatest joys
my family
my friends
living in America


Bek said...

ha! learn more everytime - 4 surgeries on your wrist - yuck. and how long were u homeschooled for? i was homeshcooled from 3rd-6th...........

Crystal said...

I was homeschooled all through high school...I couldn't finish the last year of it because they had raised the price of it to $1,500 for the year and my parents couldn't afford it. So I went and got my GED. Which is not a bad thing, Bill Cosby got his GED!

KT_Beloved_ Warrior33 said...

Thats right we will go again!! You have Got show the CP love!!! I was homseschooled in 6th grade, then st to to catholic school.

Autumn said...

what was your wrist surgery for? I have had 2 wrist surgeries.