Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Early thinking

The 24th of this month will be 8 months of marriage for me and Caleb (yay!). So we were talking the other day about places to vacation. And it dawned on me that the only thing we'll be able to afford in the next year is a weekend getaway for our one year anniversary. So we talked about it and went online. We want a bed and breakfast or log cabin getaway somewhere not too far away from Brunswick. So we've narrowed it down to either Amish country or Lake Erie. We searched Google and found a bed and breakfast on Port Clinton (near Sandusky) and a log cabin resort in Berlin (Amish country). The bed and breakfast has a beatiful veiw of the lake and is right next to Cedar Point and the log cabin resort is set back in the woods with lots of privacy and tons of wildlife. I'm torn! I know we still have plenty of time to decide. But we would like to book something in advance so we don't miss out on any deals. What do you think? To see pictures of the bed and breakfast go to www.sunnysidetower.com. To see the log cabin go to www.donnasofberlin.com/cedarcabins.htm. And hey, who knows...maybe you'll find something for you and your sweetheart to visit!


Drea said...

awe sounds so romantic :-)

no_average_girl said...

oh, that's so sweet! :-)

personally, if i lived so close to amish country that's where i'd go. it's just so peaceful and relaxing! but, that's just me!

love you!

Kimber said...

Wow - time flys - almost married ONE YEAR!! That is awesome and I pray your get away is very romantic :)

Me, I'd pick Lake Erie in the summer time and Amish Country in the Fall ;) Whatever you pick, I know you will make great memories :)

Anonymous said...

log cabin!
Log cabin!

That's where you should go:)

Bek said...

oooooh, i say amish country hands down. so romantic. but thats just me.

Radical One said...

that's a huge toss up, no doubt. but which ever route you decide...just relax and cherish the time together. and congrats on the upcoming anniversary!