Sunday, June 18, 2006

Worst day ever

OMG. As you can tell by the title above I had the worst day ever at work. I went to work this morning at 10 and I thought it might be a slow but steady day. I was SO wrong. We were in the back opening up and unloading totes. We were talking about the weather and how it might storm today. We've had the power go out a few times because of severe weather. Well Sheila my co-worker looks at me and says "boy, I sure hope the power doesn't go out." Less than 5 minutes later guess what happens? The power....goes...out. Not because of the weather. But because a transformer the next street down blew out. Not because of an accident or a meteor or something. But because it was too hot. Everyone I guess was overusing their air conditioners and it just couldn't take it anymore. And it blew. Then a building just a few blocks down has smoke coming out of it. So there are firetrucks and ambulances everywhere. So we are all sitting at work with no power. No lights, no computers, and no phones...which means no filling prescriptions. Crap. So we are freaking out wondering what we are going to do. So we call the gm on his cell phone. He has it off. Great. Just great. He's supposed to keep it on in case of emergencies. So Scott leaves a message telling him it's urgent that he call back. Anyway our pharmacist Debbie, God bless her, tells us ok well we're all starving so let's have lunch. So we call pizza hut. No answer. The power is out all around the city. So Sheila goes and gets pizza hut from Hudson, which about 20 minutes away. We all sit down, eat our pizza and call our husbands/signifacant others and tell them about how our day is going. Afterwards we are thinking ok we have to do something. So I let Debbie use my cell phone to call the nursing homes and tell them that we are sending them 2 day supplies of what we've printed out so far and that the only prescriptions we can do now are emergency drugs. One of the nursing homes is being particularly mean and nasty to her and she's trying her best not to loose it. We are all running around with flashlights, that by the way, are going dead and try to get the non emergency drugs in plastic bags and short them to a 2 day supply. It is now 2 o'clock. Still no power. We keep going. Scott is using the emergency backup charger thingy to try and get the cookers to work so we can get the daily drugs into cards. 3 seconds later the cooker sucks the charger dry of all power. Dangit! So we get all the emergency stuff together and prepare to do everything by hand. Bam! At 5 o'clock the power comes on. You know what happens when the power comes on and the computer has all it's memory of what you've typed in it come back? Yeah...labels EVERYWHERE. They start printing out by the boatload. By this time we are all exremely ticked off in every possible way. So we put all of the refills off to the side to do tomorrow. All the new prescriptions that come out of the printer have to be done. So we are all running our butts off trying to get everything caught up. Debbie is ready to cry. She is 6 months pregnant and stressing out big time. So we are all trying to sooth her and at 6:30 we go to the back to put the drugs in the totes. We get all of the deliveries out around 7 and then we realize...oh no. There are a bunch of "today" drugs that were left on the counter and not done. Crap, crap, crap. So we call the delivery people for one of the nursing homes and tell them they have to come back. So we get it done and load them into the totes. It is now 7:30. Debbie tells us it's ok she's good so we can now go home. Relief at last. But by the time I got home after getting everything I needed to get done today it was too late to go hang with my dad for father's day. So I called him and wished him a happy one. Quite a story, eh? Oh, and you remember the gm I mentioned earlier and the emergency phone call and message we left with him? Yeah...never called us back. I'm so glad I have tomorrow off.


no_average_girl said...

hey girl! Your visits are always a delight! :-)

I hate to hear about one of the worst days, but now it's in the past! And as my aunt once told me about a horrible night of mine many years ago and I've repeated to myself several times since, "you'll never have to live through it again!"

I hope you have a much better day your next day at work! Blessings!

Radical One said...

awwe girl, what a day. hopefully you're having some better days now. but one thing that's good (at least from my stand point) care about your job and the individual people being affected, so while this makes you day hard, it also says great things about you and your character.

and thanks for all your kind comments on my site. i really appreciate your heart!

blessings to you!