Thursday, September 07, 2006

Just for Kat :)

At This Very Moment1. Are you craving anything, and if so, what? I am actually craving Stouffer's french bread pizza...and Carrabba's sirloin marsala...with fettuccini alfredo...OK, I have to stop now

2. What is the weather outside and do you wish it would change? It's really sunny and the temperature is perfect...wouldn't want to change it at all

3. What two websites do you think you'll go to next after here? Friend's blogs and email

4. Do you wish you were somewhere else, and if so, where? Wish I was at the Oregon coast...I miss it so much but we will be vacationing there at some point

5. Do you wish you were someone else, and if so, who? Just like Kat said, God made me who I am. He made me for a reason and I'm still intending to find out what that reason is by seeking Him everyday :)

And now I tag anyone who wants to do this :)


Kat said...

thanks for playing!!

i hope you get to go to Oregon soon....

Kimber said...

Glad you played along too :)

Fun answers :)

Margo said...

I'm craving the Olive Garden, but I can't convince the hubster to take me! lol

Crystal said...

Kat- no problem, it was fun! We won't be able to go to Oregon for a couple of years, but we are saving up for it.

Kimber- thanx, yours was fun too!

Margo- yeah, my husband is the same way. But we are going to Carrabba's for our anniversary which is only a couple of weeks away!