Saturday, May 26, 2007

Does anyone want a couple of parakeets?

Or does anyone know anyone who might want them? They're really cute and sweet. They also come with all the fixins'. Cage, toys, and food. Caleb is getting really annoyed by them (he just doesn't have the patience for them) and very soon both of us aren't going to be home very much. They don't require too much attention since they have each other, but they do love to come out of their cage. They talk a lot to you and each other and Swoops has said "pretty bird" a couple of times. If any of you want them or know anyone who does, let me know and I will make the arrangements. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hope you find a nice home for them! Pippen used to get lots of attention, but he seems to be more or less in the background now. Pets require more time, attention and patience than we anticipate, I think.

Margo said...

Good luck! Hope you find them a good home. :-)