Friday, November 23, 2007

Update on my mammaw

Sooooo, I haven't yet updated on my grandma yet. Thanks to Margo for reminding me (what would I do without you girl?), I do have good news! My grandma went to her appointment a few weeks ago and saw one of the top heart surgeons in the northeast. Which was very comforting. Turns out that her aneurysm is really nothing to worry about right now. It's not going to burst at all and is just kind of sitting there, doing nothing. Which is good. He made her feel VERY much relieved (which is hard to do since she is scared of anything health related). The aneurysm has nothing to do with her dizzy spells and it's just probably her vertigo kicking in. So she's doing pretty good! I love it when God proves doctors wrong :).


Andrea said...

Yay! That IS good news, and I'm glad your grandma is feeling more relieved about it all too!

Margo said...

AWESOME!!!!! :-)