Saturday, December 29, 2007

I stole this from Donna

Donna always has great ideas like recaping the new year, so Im going to do it too. Let me see if I can remember what happened LOL.

January-Marked 1 year after my mom became ill. She is doing better, keep praying!

February-Hosted my first baby shower for my friend Janessa. I was very nervous but I say I did OK for my first time :) I also got my 2003 Honda Civic which I love!

March-Came with Caleb to help with pictures of the rehearsal for the One Story. I've been coming with him on his photo shoots ever since.

April-Celebrated my 23rd birthday.

May-My dad turned the big 50.

June-Graduated dental assisting school and went to my family reunion and met a lot of relatives for the first time.

July-Went to the Cleveland Zoo for the first time since I can remember (which was a looooooooong time ago).

August-My mom turned the big 50.

Septmember-Celebrated 2 years of marriage with my wonderful husband.

October-Went on a very nice retreat with our marriage group and had a blast.

November-Did a photo shoot for the entire family for Thanksgiving.

December-Celebrated Christmas without Caleb for the first time ever.

OK, so that recaps my year. Nothing too big but maybe next year will be more interesting!

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