Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I'm back...with good news

I have a job! I start Monday Feb. 4th at Dr. Mungo's office in the Fairlawn/Akron area. I interviewed there this past Thursday and had a working interview today. They had me do some filing and a few things on the computer, and I was in! One of the interviewers, Connie, was so happy that I was joining their office, she ended up hugging me when they gave me the news. It's a christian based practice and the doctor is totally awesome. I will be doing 2 days assisting and 3 days up front. It is full time and not too bad a drive. They said that I was their last interview. They had been getting people in who they would interview and/or hire but then have to let them go due to bad attitudes or just plain old not showing up to work. They had 12 interviews before I showed up and had decided that if I didn't interview well, that they wouldn't even bother anymore. They said a prayer before I came and told me that the moment I walked in, they could see I was different. They loved my personality and said that after I left, they knew I was the one whom God wanted to join their office. And I feel the same way. I don't see this as coincidence, I see it as God at work. So, now that you've all heard my good news who wants to celebrate?!


Andrea said...

yay!!!! That's so exciting...wish I was closer so we could celebrate with some good "healthy" food...you know, like chocolate, chocolate cake, chips, etc.! haha. :) Congrats though!!!

Donna said...

Yeah God!!!