Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gotta give it up (somehow)

Everyone struggles with some kind of an addiction. Let's call it a craving instead. Mine is pop. Soda. Coke. Whatever you wanna call it, I gotta have it. I can (and have) been able to give up just about anything when it's come to eating better. Chocolate, fried foods, candy. But pop? Nope. Pepsi is my favorite. Seriously though. I don't like diet. Just regular. But I know that it's terrible for me. Not only is it a bunch of empty calories, but it can remove rust off of toilets. Can you imagine what it does to your insides? Oh boy. It's the only thing I haven't been able to stop myself from craving. I guess I should allow myself ONE thing to be able to have. But I really want to get a jump start on this weight loss. Since May, I've lost 11 pounds (yay!). But I still have a ways to go. I have less than 2 months before our anniversary and I've only lost less than half the weight I've needed to. I know, I know, weight loss is slow, and I shouldn't be so hard on myself. But I really want to see some more results. So, who has had an addiction to something? Were you able to give it up? How?


Margie said...

I drank 5 diet pepsi's every day (sometimes more!) yikes, i Know... and I drank my water, it was so difficult to give it up. I had a headache and the shakes, but once I was over that... it was smooth sailing :)

Margo said...

I can sympathize, my addiction is sugar. I can't go without it.