Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Here are a few poems that I've written throughout the years I thought I might share with you all. Go to and type in my maiden last name, Robertson and Crystal for the first name. It will take you to a page with several Crystal Robertson's. I am the last one. On that page are three poems that I've submitted to them and all of them have been published in one of their books! So awesome especially since the first one is one I'd love for all eyes to see. Enjoy!


amy said...

cool! i really liked them.

ps: mike has some there, too. he's the 1st michael sexton

Paula said...

I got to read some of the poems, but it wouldn't let me read some of the others . . . but I enjoyed what I could acess. thanks so much for sharing them.

Bek said...

cool site. i like the "if i could fly" poem. and amy, i liked mike's poems about you!