Saturday, January 28, 2006

Tag! I'm it!

I love these things!

4 jobs you have had in your life
1. Waterloo restaurant (worst job ever)
2. Bob Evans (seriously loved this job)
3. Kelly services ( got to do a lot of different kinds of work like factory work, that was hard!)
4. Rite Aid pharmacy

4 movies you would watch over and over again
1. Father of the bride
2. Father of the bride 2
3. Nine months
4. National Treasure

4 places you have lived
1. Klamath Falls, Oregon
2. Washington State
3. Akron, OH
4. Right here in Brunswick

4 tv shows you love to watch
1. Law & Order
2. Forensic files
3. 7th Heaven
4. House hunters

4 place you have been on vacation
1. Brookings, OR on the beach
2. Several trips to Ohio while I still lived in Oregon
3. Arlington, WA to my aunt's friend's mansion
4. Somewhere in Canada when I was really little

4 websites you visit daily
2. Friend's blogs
3. Gmail account
4. Ebay

4 of your favorite foods
1. Applebee's triple chocolate meltdown ( to DIE for!)
2. Chili's chickenfingers
3. Carraba's sirloin steak marsala
4. Mom's cheesy potato soup

4 places you would rather be right now
1. Deserted island with hubby
2. Brookings, OR
3. Key West, FL
4. On a cruise ship to the Bahamas


Bek said...

the meltdown sounds really good right now. i'll have to try it sometime. : ) good to see u the other nite....

Crystal said...

It totally is the best dessert on the face of this planet! Good to see you were glowing!

Anonymous said...

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