Thursday, February 02, 2006


I had an interview with a dentist's office today which I was so excited about since it has been what I've been striving for. So I went to the interview and they hired me on the spot. Wow, I tell myself this is great. Then they gave me the tour. Right away I noticed there were NO computers. Everything the secretary was doing was by hand! OK, I'm no expert, but whenever I've gone into a dental or doctor's office there ARE computers. So the secretary that is working there now tells me that he is afraid of computers. All right, well I guess that's not too bad since it looks like I won't be busy because there is NOONE there. Well, they start me on the day to day things and then I get to know the dentist. I'm sorry but someone get this guy some ritalin! He is so incredibly hyper and he talks to you like he's talking to a kid. I didn't really feel that respected or anything at that point. But everyone is entitled to their own weirdness, after all nobody is completely normal. So the office is about to close and the girl that is training me looks at me and says "Oh, by the way there are some things I think you should know about this guy". Oh crap, I think to myself. She preceeds to tell me that not only is this guy really weird, but has also had his dental license revoked not once, but TWICE!! He not only had his license revoked but he's had to file bankruptcy on his own practice. He has multiple malpractice suits against him and has been investegated. But that's not all...he has also screwed patients over and drained them of their hard earned money. He won't take calls and he won't deal with patients who want to speak to him directly. And this is one part that just floored me. There was a girl who used to work there and one day he had a problem with someone's insurance. So he asked this girl to call the patients insurance company and pretend to be the patient! I'm not sure exactly why but it had to do with him getting in trouble for it. Unbelievable! You would get in trouble for that! Maybe even serious trouble. And this guy doesn't even have dental assistants. Well, uh, who's gonna hand you your tools, the patient? Yep. They have witnessed him asking a patient to hand him the tools! And on top of all of that this guy was offering me a maximum of 19 hours a week...with no insurance whatsoever, not even dental insurance! Not that I would EVER trust him to go anywhere near my teeth. That is a bunch of BS! The girl that is there now is only there for a paycheck and will be leaving as soon as she finds something else. And according to what she has told me when you mention this guys name to other dentists all they have to say about him is all bad. I have never in my life felt so sick after leaving a dentists office and I wasn't even the patient! I'm tired. I'm tired of passing out a dozen resumes a week. I'm tired of having interviews and people say they'll call me back and they don't. I'm tired of calling them back and getting nowhere. Please God show me your plan for me! Give me guidance and wisdom and encourage me when I feel like I'm failing. Does anyone have any suggestions? They would certainly be most welcome. Oh, and needless to say...I turned the job down=).


Donna said...

What is his name?? I wouldn't want to ever go to him.

Don't give up. You will find a good job!

Crystal said...

Thanks Donna. I really need the encouragement right now! His name is Dr. Skalsky in Brunswick. Just so none of you decide to go see him!

Kat said...

what kind of work are you looking for in a dental office? Have you ever worked in one before? I work for a dentist in Medina... you never know when we could need someone.