Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Been wanting to do this for a while

First name:

Middle name:

Last name, maiden:

Last name, married:

Age on my next birthday:

Favorite color:

Place I want to live:

Place I actually live:

Annoying habit:

Favorite food:

Favorite animal:


Dream job:


Radical One said...

hey girl! thanks for stopping by my place and leaving such encouraging words.

and congrats on passing your exam...just a thought on your crying spells...either hormones or could it be you've had so much stress bottled up and now since your exam is over you can let it all out. but which ever the case, i hope you're better real soon.


Crystal said...

Hey I never thought about the whole letting it out now that the exam is over. I like you lisa! Thanks!

Kimber said...

Fun post - I had fun doin' mine too...thanks to Autumn's inspiration :)

congrats by the way on passing your exam!

Crystal said...

Thanks Kimber! Yours looked pretty cool!

Radical One said...

i'm definitley ready for summer. we've had a few days of mid to hi 70's and now i've got the summer fever!

are you feeling better?


Kat said...

very fun post! i've been wanting to do this one, too... maybe i will soon :)

p.s. congrats on passing the test!!

Crystal said...

Lisa--I'm so ready for the summer! And yes I'm doing much better, thanks for asking!

Kat--you should do a page like this! It's a lot of fun. And thanks for the encouragement on passing the test. It was a doozy!

no_average_girl said...

wow, that's so cute! what a neat way to answer "survey" questions! a picture is worth a thousand words! :-)

you have a very unique blog! will definitely be back!