Saturday, September 23, 2006


Well y'all, we're off for our weekend! We're heading out of here in about 2 hours to amish country. We'll stop at Carrabba's for lunch (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and then head on down to our getaway. We've got so much planned. We're going to eat at an amish restaruant, tour a chesse factory, visit an antique store and just plain RELAX! I'm so excited. It doesn't seem like a year does it? It sure doesn't to me. Caleb and I have had some rough spots in our first year (who doesn't?) but all in all, he's been a wonderful husband. He's a great provider, supporter and my best friend. I know God had a plan when he joined our hearts together as man and wife. He's supports me as I go to school, encourages me to follow my dreams, and always listens to what the Lord wants for our lives. And day by day our love keeps growing stronger. We will miss all of our bloggy friends, but I'm sure you guys will find something to entertain yourselves while we're gone LOL! We love you all and we thank you for your support as we continue on to another year ahead of us as a married couple. See you in 3 days!


Meggles said...

Hope you both have a great time away!! Enjoy the time to relax.

Bek said...

happy anniversary!! blessings!

no_average_girl said...

Just trying to let everyone know I'm back up and going...but it wouldn't let me have back my original URL, which I'm still working on, but I've missed my blogging buddies :-)

The new URL is

Love you!!!

Kimber said...

awwwww!!! Love the pic!! So fun and sweet!!

Happy Anniversary girly!! May your next year and future years be even better :)

Blessings and enjoy your time away!!!

BekABoo said...

Happy anniversary, and enjoy the trip. I love that amish country. Very fall!

Margo said...

Enjoy!! It all sounds so relaxing.