Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Today I had observations at a pediatric dental office in Fairlawn. On my way there, I keep thinking to myself "I wonder if I can handle seeing little kids cry and not be able to help them". Well, our first patient was a 3 year old boy. He wouldn't go down without a fight! He kicked and screamed and punched and mom was about to lose it. I got to help out by entertaining his baby sister (who was soooooooo cute!) while the dentist, the assistants and his mom held him down while he got his dental treatment. Afterwards, he got to go pick out a prize from the prize bucket. It actually didn't affect me the way I thought it would. I didn't break down. Of course, I didn't realize what was coming up next. Our next patient, an adorable little 2 year old boy, had fallen down on hardwood floors and shattered his 2 front teeth. Well, since he was so young and the treatment had to be done, we knew he would be scared to death of anything. So we actually had to strap him in and practically tie his hands down to the chair. Oh my gosh, I thought I was going to cry. He was, of course, screaming bloody murder and looked so scared. Mom was in the room and started to lose it. I was trying to comfort her and trying not to cry myself. After it was over he got a prize and some stickers. I think he will probably remember that for the rest of his life. The next patient was such a good girl! NO TEARS AT ALL! I was so proud! And one of the last patients I saw was a little girl with cerebral palsy. Her parents have not been able to take real good care of her teeth because she has seizures. I just remember saying in my mind "Jesus, please heal this little girl". Her name was Ireland. Isn't that the best? So all in all it was an exhausting, emotional day but I feel I was also blessed today. I now know that I would be able to work at a pediatric dental office. I believe this is the path God wants me on. And this was the day He let me know. Even though there were some very tough moments I loved it. It was the best observation I've had so far. So all of you parents out there who are looking for a pediatric dentist, I went to Dr. Gerstenmeir's today for the observations and I would absolutely recommend him. He's very good at what he does and the kids feel fairly comfortable around him. I'm grateful for the opportunity to work where I am now, but I would love to assist with children. And one day, in His timing, I will!


Bek said...

WOW. i think i'll wait til israel is 3 to take him to a dentist for a check up.

Donna said...

LOL! Bek it isn't that bad, Merci was never scared, but then again she never had any cavities or anything!

Crystal, I am glad things are going well in your pursue of your career!