Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cool idea

I'm really a boring person right now. Nothing new or exciting going on. I did reinjure my back though. I'm in a lot of pain. But my chiropracter ( who is awesome by the way...if your interested I'll give you his info ) is taking care of me. He wants to see me for another month. It was getting better but I wasn't as careful as I should have been and ended up really hurting it this time. Oh well, things could be worse! For something interesting to do ( so that you all don't start drooling from reading this post ) I did see this cool idea on a fellow blogger's site. In the comments section ask me any question you want about me and I'll answer them in my next post. So go ahead...ask away! And if you want, you can play along too. Getting to know people better, especially friends like all of you, is fun!


Margo said...

Sorry about that back! Take it easy.

Ok. I'll play. Do you have any siblings?

Bek said...

what was your first experience with God?

Gina said...

I hope your back is 100% soon. What is your favorite book (besides the Bible).

BekABoo said...

Chiro's are the best! I used to work for job perk ever!
And to play along: How many kids do you want?