Thursday, January 25, 2007

Round 4 and your questions answered

For all of you who are regular visitors you know that last month I was very sick. I had laryngitis for about a week, then food poisoning, then a head cold. It lasted all month. I'd been doing fine until a few days ago. I had a very sore throat and my ears and head were killing me. I had a fever of 103 too. This is now round 4 of being sick. So off to the urgent care clinic we go. I have strep and both ears are infected. The strep I can handle. My throat doesn't hurt as bad as it did. But ohmygosh last night I was up with severe pain in my right ear. I turned over on my right side, and I heard crackling and whooshing noises. Then it felt like someone sliced up my ear drum and I heard a "pop". Then I felt fluid leak out. Ewwwww. I woke up this morning with a whole bunch of sticky fluid stuck to my ear and more draining out. So I'm not sure but I think my ear drum might have burst. I can't hear out of it and it's getting a little annoying. So I have to see my doctor AGAIN. We have spent so much money on doctors with my illnesses, my back, and Caleb's ingrown toenail that he had to get taken care of surgically. But seriously what can you do about a ruptured ear drum? It probably just has to heal itself right? I dunno. I just want to be on the safe side. OK, on to things that are not depressing. I promised you I'd answer all your questions and so here we go...

Margo asked: Do you have any siblings? Nope. I'm an only child. I always hated that until I became a teenager.

Bek inquired: What was your first experience with God? I'd have to say it was at this place called camp Marengo. It's a christian youth camp down near Columbus. I was 14 when I went the first time. The first night I was there we went up to the altar and prayed. I've never had an encounter with Jesus like I did that night. The Holy Spirit just poured out on me. It was very awesome.

Gina wanted to know: What is your favorite book (besides the Bible) My favorite book is one called Babylon rising. It's about a christian college professor named Michael Murphy who teaches biblical archeology. In the book the anti-christ is now grown up and starting his mission. Michael has to battle a group called "the 7" who are aiding the anti-christ and his mission. Michael also has a hobby where he goes to foreign places to find pieces of biblical history. One of them was Noah's ark. It's an awesome book and I would highly recommend it.

Bekaboo was wondering: How many kids do you want? For now I only want 2. That could easily change though. I do however, have the names picked out already =).

Thanks to those who played along! It was fun, but now I'm off to nurse my ear =(.

Edited to add: Well I went to my doctor and she looked inside my ear. My eardrum did rupture. There is still fluid coming out. I've been put on more medication. Just what I need. But you know I have to thank God that I'm healthier than a lot of other people. I don't have cancer or diabetes and I have a husband that loves me and is taking care of me. So thank you God! You are the healer of all things and I need to stop complaining right?! LOL!


Meggles said...

Hope you get better soon. I'm just getting over a cold, with the sore throat and sneezing and coughing stuff. Today im just coughing dry coughs so its almost over!.. YAH...

Get lots of rest!

Bek said...

Thank you, Lord, that you are the SAME yesterday, today, and forever, and when you walked the earth, Jesus, you HEALED all who were sick and oppressed by the devil. thank you that your healing POWER is here today for Crystal's eardrum, for her hearing, and for EVERYTHING that she needs. Standing with you, girl. and thanks for answering the questions. :)

Anonymous said...

Trusting in heaven to invade earth today with healing for your eardrum and relief of all your symptoms! In Psalm 103 the Lord promises us a "benefits package" and it includes forgiveness of all of our sins and healing of all our diseases. Grab hold of your benefits package today! I stand with you also in agreement for your healing. (I'm Bek's friend and you visited a while back. We had some "technical difficulties" but are up and running now).

BekABoo said...

What girl our age doesn't have baby names picked out??? Mine did alter a bit when I realized what my new last name would be. One of them REALLY didn't go!
And what an optimist you are! Acknowledging a problem, but not wanting to get too down on it, knowing thing can always get worse. That's very commendable. You are wise to go to the Doc "just in case." During the fall, my sister kept getting sick and getting sick again. When she finally went to the doctor it was pnemonia. You don't want these things to get out of hand.
Praying for a quick recovery!
~PS~thanks for the compliment on the curtains! I'm sure you can do something crafty!