Friday, February 09, 2007

Good news and really good news

Good news: Do you all remember my post about wanting to lose weight? Well, I'm doing it! I lost 7 pounds in a month! So if I lose 7 pounds every month until June I will be at my goal weight! It's so exciting! There is a difference in my body and it makes me so happy. I've gone from 145 to 138 in a month. Yea. Go me.
Really good news: I found out why I keep getting sick. I had a prescription for amoxicillin lying around and whenever I would feel the start of something come on I would take it as directed. Then I'd wake up the next day really sick. I told my doctor and she said that because I would take the amoxicillin my body would not fight off the infection naturally. So it became dependent on the antibiotic. And antibiotics don't do anything for viruses which is what I kept getting. Duh! So really, it's my fault. Oh well, lesson learned! So I'm no longer sick and I'm losing weight. Just gotta keep on with the therapy for my back. I fell on the ice (really hard) at school the other day right on the spot where I injured it in the first place. Winter sucks. I can't wait for summer! Who's with me?!


BekABoo said...

Girl, you have got to be more careful and stop hurting yourself! But, congrats on your newses! Recognizing a problem is half the battle, right ;) Keep it up with the weight loss. I'm trying, but not really hard, I have to admit. But, I've been sick this week, which helps, but not in the long run! We've had GREAT weather this week (sorry to the rest of the country!) so I am ready to start getting some sun!

Meggles said...

I'm with you on wanting summer!

Hope your back feels better soon!...It sucks falling..I fall down the stairs once in a while.

Yah on the weight loss...I'm tryin too...just been busy lately to go work out.

Bek said...

congrats on the weight!! i, too, am losing. yippeee! thank you that we are WONDERFULLY MADE!!!!

moonlight said...

hi longtime! how is yr husband? 2day is valentine so wat did u give him n where did u both go to?