Sunday, February 04, 2007

Round 5 and a great movie

Yes. Round 5. I'm sick yet again. And so is Caleb. Ugh. OK, I'll stop bumming you all out. On the brighter side of things Caleb and I snuggled under a blanket with a box of tissues (LOL) and watched a movie called Facing the Giants. It's a christian movie about a man who coaches a football team at a christian school. They've been losing every game for the past 6 years. He then overhears how he might be fired if their game doesn't improve. He and his wife have also been having problems concieving a baby. He's so overwhelmed but goes to God and realizes that with God NOTHING is impossible. It was an incredible movie and I needed the tissues for more than just my stuffy nose. It's a tearjerker too! And to tell you the truth I felt God sitting right beside us watching it with us. After watching it I just felt the Holy Spirit around me. It's a very powerful movie and I highly highly recommend it. OK, well I'm off to nurse the hubs and myself. Time for a good night's sleep. With the peace AND healing of Jesus with us.


Margo said...

Praying for a fast recovery for you guys! Sorry to hear you're sick again.

That sounds like a great movie! Great movies like that are few and far between!

Meggles said...

Hope you both get better soon. I was sick last week and it was no fun.

My bf and I watched a walk to remember the other night and thats a tearjerker too...we both needed tissues.