Saturday, March 31, 2007

OMG...I think my bird is gay

OK, let me 'splain. We got another bird. It's a boy and he has specks on his back. So I named him Specks. He is REALLY little. Didn't realize he was so little 'till I put him next to Swoops. Well, the moment I introduced them to each other, Swoops decided to hit on Specks. He tried to get it on with him right then and there! At least thats what it looked like. I was like "Swoops, he's a boy!". I think Swoops is going to be the dominant one of the two, but more like a husband and wife dominant...LOL! So I'm working with them. Specks is still traumatized of course, and I had to remove Swoops from the cage to give Specks a break. They are both so cute together. Please pray that they don't decide to declare world war 3 on each other. I have Swoops on my shoulder right now and he's nibling on my ear (all together now...awww). Jasmine is outside. She knows we got another bird and she looks a little on edge right now. I hope this works. I got another bird basically because Swoops wasn't bonding with us the way that we hoped he would. So he needed another companion. Good thing I didn't get a female...we would have had little eggs in the cage by tomorrow! I will post a picture of the two of them as soon as I make sure they're OK together.

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Meggles said...

Awww...he sounds like a sweatheart. Can't wait to see the two of them together.