Thursday, April 19, 2007

Busy busy

Hey all! I'm still in the land of bloggers. I guess I got lost and just found my way back =). So, I've been so busy lately. I'm almost half way done with my externship at Dr. Camm's office. I love it there! Everyone there is so nice and I feel like I fit in. I'm learning a lot and Dr. Camm is really nice about helping me with certain procedures. The woman who I'm working under has been there for 26 years. Dr. Camm just celebrated 30 years of being a dentist! His office is sooo nice. The staff is so polite, the office is very clean and welcoming,and the dental rooms are peaceful and spacious. They have large windows in the rooms with bird feeders hanging in front of the them. I've seen several types of birds I've never seen before. I would highly recommend going there for your dental treatment. So my time has been consumed with that, school, and studying. We go to Columbus for certification in 2 weeks. I'm so nervous yet so ready to be done. Lots of things coming up. June 5th we graduate, June 8th through the 10th we are heading down to West Virginia for a family reunion, and come September Caleb and I will be celebrating 2 years of marriage and will be going to amish country again and renting a log cabin. God has been so good to us and I can't wait to see what He has in store for us in the next year. I've been praying a lot and talking to some people at the office about the career I'm starting. I don't think I want to stop at dental assisting. I may go further with my education and future carrer move. It may not be dental. The next move I'm thinking about making as far as educational opportunities are concerned is going back to school for surgical technology. I'ts actually really similiar to dental assisting. I will be of course assisting the surgeon in the operating room, just like assisting the dentist. Preparing the patient for the procedure, handing the instruments to the surgeon, sterlizing the room and equipment, and helping the patient during recovery. They also make almost twice as much as dental assistants. I've actually been interested in surgical technology for a while and maybe dental assisting is the step I needed to take to prepare myself for my next career move. It's a total maybe. Not sure if this is what I want to do. I will continue praying about it. I am going to give dental assisting a year or two and during that time will be puting away some money in case I do decide to go back to school and pay for the surgical technology course with cash. I've always heard people say "never stop learning". I don't know if this is where God wants me permanantly or if He wants to continue picking my brain with other things to learn. Caleb and I are in no hurry to have kids or buy a house so this is the best time for me to do this if God wants me to. OK, that turned into a ramble. It is now almost 10:30 pm and I'm up doing laundry and am about to pop in a movie. Caleb is working a 24 with the fire dept. and so I'm having some me time. Not sure if I will sleep much tonight. I can't stop thinking about what God has in store for us in the future!


Anonymous said...

Crystal, it all sounds great! You are doing the right thing, take one step at a time. The pastor yesterday stated a truth I've known for a long time. God gives us only the light we need for the next step, and no more until we take that step. We can trust Him, He will continue to lead as we seek His face.

Kat said...

You should never stop learning -- it's true!! My co-worker is 70 and she doesn't seem a day over 55. She is taking classes at the community college to learn Italian. That, to me, is so great. It's like she refuses to say that she's too old to learn new things. It keeps her mind fresh and definitely keeps her YOUNG!!!

Sounds like you and Caleb are doing great -- I'm so happy for you guys. Keep fighting the good fight!!