Monday, April 30, 2007

Go me, it's mah birfday

We gonna partay like it's mah birfday...OK, nevermind LOL. Nothing going on today. I told Caleb I didn't want any gifts and I wanted to wait until after certification to go out to dinner to celebrate both. I'm 23 today. It just doesn't seem possible. Oy, time sure is flying. But I digress. I'm so happy to be alive and well! Too many blessings to count. I am such a lucky girl. I feel God pouring out His love on me today. It may sound kinda selfish, but I'm awaiting my birthday gift from God. I know He has something for me. I'm just waiting patiently. He loves me =). So all you peeps out there, holla back at yer gurl. It's her birfday!


Margo said...

Happy Happy day!!!! Before you know it you'll be pushing 30! Eeeeks! LOL

Kat said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Hope it is the start of a truly amazing year :)

Bek said...

happy birthdaY!! i love that you are awaiting a special something from your saviour! how cool!