Wednesday, June 20, 2007

From 2 to 1

So our parakeets Swoops and Speckle are now gone. Last night, they both started acting weird. Swoops started hurting herself. She would climb onto the side of the cage and flip her body upside down making it impossible to turn herself the way she started. So she would let go and fall to the bottom of the cage on her back. Then Speckle got extra agressive and pecked at Swoops and got her in the eye. She got hurt again. So today we went to a place called the bird shop and they actually take in birds with behavioural problems. The woman there said she would need to separate them and work with them in order to make them adoptable. So we said goodbye to them and hello to another parakeet. His name is Dewey. He's beautiful. He's yellow and green and we came up with the name Dewey since he reminded us of mountain dew. He is lemon and lime colored. So NO MORE BIRDS for me. He is it. I feel simply terrible for not being able to care for Swoops and Speckle but I don't know how to deal with behavioural problems in birds and I've certainly never had parakeets that acted like they did. I will post pictures of Dewey tomorrow. Right now he's napping. He's so cute =).

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BekABoo said...

It's always sad to say good bye to a pet. But it sounds like you did what's best for them. Dewey is a cute name. We talk now and then about getting another kitty. Ours is old a boring now ;)