Friday, July 13, 2007

I will never eat food again

It is 5 in the morning over here. I am vomiting. Haven't slept a wink. And for some reason my legs hurt. Please pray for me. Thanks.

Edited to add: Feeling better, need sleep. Hopefully will feel normal by tonight.


Margo said...

Poor thing, you need to stay well! How are you now?

How was the interview?

Kat said...

hope you're really starting to feel better!!!

Crystal said...

Thanks guys! I am feeling better, I think it was a case of food poisoning. I know it just never ends huh? Hence the title. Caleb had food poisoning about 2 months ago. I swear, is food just going bad everywhere? Can we not trust what we eat anymore? Sorry, I'm venting, I still feel kinda icky. And the interview went very well. It sounds promising, but we will see.