Thursday, July 12, 2007

Tagged by Margo

Ok, I'm going to do my best to come up with 7 things ppl don't know about me. I'm a blab so I will think hard =)

1. I love chocolate...I think this is a no brainer when it comes to ANY woman.
2. I have another interview today! Bet you didn't know that huh?
3. My favorite holiday is New Years.
4. Contrary to what my husband might say, I love to clean.
5. I have grown to hate fast food (except burger kings breakfast croissants).
6. I LOVE the movies father of the bride 1 and 2. I can watch them 100 times in a row and watch them again.
7. My husband has gotten me addicted to audio books. I now cannot fall asleep without a good audio book playing.

I know, I'm such a boring person!

And now, I tag anyone who wants to play!

1 comment:

Margo said...

I wish I hated fast food! I would probably lose at least 10 pounds that way!

Let us know about that interview!