Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Simple things

Today, I went shopping with my grandmother. We were at Kohl's looking at shower curtains and I found one that caught my eye. It is a shower curtain with pockets. Yes, pockets that you can put stuff in. Like your shampoo, soaps, razor, shaving gel, etc. I absolutely love it! I know, this is such a lame thing to get excited about, but I'm all about the simple things in life. Like finding a cool shower curtain on sale! I like it because the stick on shelves with suction cup thingies (you know what I'm talking about right?) never stick to the shower wall and when they come down so does everything else. Plus when you put stuff like a shaving cream can in the corner they leave rings on the porcelain. It was originally 20 bucks at Kohl's, but they are having a sale right now for 35%off. I got it for 13 bucks. What a great idea!


BekABoo said...

How clever! Ya know, there are so many seemingly simple ideas out there that end up making someone millions of dollars. My husband is convinced if he just sits down and really thinks for like an hour, he'll have one. Have you seen Cocktail with Tom Cruise? That curtain is someone's fluglebinder!

Bek said...

cute! i think its a great idea!

Margo said...

What a cool find!!