Monday, August 13, 2007

Your questions answered

Heeeeeeere's your answers!

Margo asked: When are you guys gonna try for that first baby?
Caleb and I actually want to start trying around our 3rd anniversary. He gets out of the army in Oct. of 08 and we want to be sure that he's not going anywhere else (he's already been to Iraq).

Kat wanted to know: What is your favorite childhood memory?
I really don't have 1 favorite memory but my favorite memories have always been when my parents and I went to the beach while we lived in Oregon. Someday, possibly for our 3rd anniversary getaway, Caleb and I would like to visit Oregon.

Katie inquired: What is God speaking to you right now?
He's pretty much telling me to stop worrying about my career situation. He's going to take care of that and I need to just trust Him.

Bekaboo was wondering: What was your favorite vacation?
I'd have to say it was mine and Caleb's 1st anniversary vacation getaway to amish country. It was a great experience for both of us!


Margo said...

Thanks Crystal! That was fun. :-)

Bek said...

fun to hear! my fave getaway w/my husband was amish country too!

Bek said...

what is one of your dreams for your life? (a late question)

Drea said...

I think you two would make fantastic parents :-)

Crystal said...

Bek- One of my biggest dreams for my life is to become a mother. I know it will eventually happen when God wants it to :)