Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Fun List

Got this one from Donna. Here goes.

my hair is: Wet and up in a ponytail. I just got back from working out! Yeah me!
my nails are: Growing. Which is good.
my clothes are: Jeans and a comfy sweatshirt.
my mood is: A little gloomy, it's dark and rainy and cold =(
my spirit is: Light.
my big To Do is: Get 1 more gift!
my worst habit is: Not being faithful to my diet. I really want a big juicy burger and fries right now!
my marriage is: Amazing!
my car is: Black 2003 Honda Civic.
my children are: Don't have any yet...but I'm sure any we have will be adorable!
my local weather is: Cold and rainy.
my dream destination is: Heaven.

What about you? (copy and paste to your own blog, then leave me a comment!)

1 comment:

Margo said...

my kind of clothes exactly!!!