Tuesday, June 10, 2008


This "diet" I'm on is really getting to me. I've been really good for the last 2 weeks and have lost like a pound. I know that weight loss is not a fast process but ohmygosh when I see results moving this slow it destroys my motivation. I know that Gina has recommended the book "French women don't get fat" (thanks girl! I'm going to be ordering it from the library). I've read, studied, obsessed over, and wrote down tons of weight loss and fitness and nutrition information from websites like ediets. Maybe I'm just thinking too much. I have been working out consistently and I do enjoy my exercise videos and I have been going to the gym more. I've tried reading up on tips to customize a plan for my lifestyle but all of the things I've done don't seem to be working. I've stated before that patience is not a virtue of mine (still working on it though!). I'm to the point where I'm ready to give up. And all of you bloggy buds have been so supportive of me and have really helped me through this journey I've been on. So I guess the point of this blog post is that I just really need some encouragement. So, my dear friends, tell me it'll be OK. And that I WILL reach my goal weight. And that I WILL be smokin' by September! Does anyone have any tips that have worked for you or someone you know? Any advice is more than welcome! Thanks!

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Gina said...

One book changed my diet life for good. And I tried lots. "French Women Don't Get Fat." Really. I'll say it till the cows come home. It's all in the 'tude. : )
All the best. I know it isn't ever easy.