Sunday, October 12, 2008

Halfway there...but not the way to get there

So last night Caleb took me to my fav restaurant Carrabba's (not my fav anymore though). About 2 hours after we ate I started getting excrutiating stomach pain. The pains were so bad that it literally paralyzed me. I couldn't breathe, move, or speak. Caleb was ready to carry me to the car and take me to the hospital, but since I am stubborn I told him to just give me 5 minutes. After 20 minutes spent in the bathroom emptying everything from my body, I just ended up going to bed. After getting up this morning, I looked at myself and noticed I looked a little thinner. I weighed myself and realized that in 12 hours I had lost 2 lbs. Even though I never want to go through that again, it made me realize that I'm almost halfway to my weight loss goal. Since May I've lost almost 15 pounds! I also realized that eating crap does something to your body. I ate so much crap last night and even though I shouldn't have ended up with what I believe was food poisoning, eating good, wholesome food is so important. I don't think I'll be eating at Carrabba's for a very long time, if ever. That probably makes Caleb happy. I can be an expensive date!

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Margo said...

Hmmmm...are you sure it was the food????