Monday, November 10, 2008

Another glimpse into my mind...

What would you be if you could be ...

A Vegetable:Broccoli, they look like little trees!
An Animal:A Chameleon, so I can blend in anywhere
A Fruit:A stair fruit
A Color:Purple, my favorite
A Household Object:A Blender, to make tasty fruit drinks
Article of Clothing:A Sweater
A Drink:Crystal's become my nickname at work
A Cartoon Character:Sleeping beauty
A Car:A stang baby!
A City:Portland, OR
A Country:Good ol' USA
A Mythical Creature:Pegasus
A Chocolate Bar:Twix
A Book:Anything by Nora Roberts
A Sport:Tennis
A Word:Supercalafragillisticexpealadocious HA!

I tag Margo, Donna, and just for fun my hubby. Let me know if you played!


Andrea said... your answers! And I'd definitely chose to be a Twix bar too - I looooove Twix!

Margo said...

I'll play! :-)